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Shanghai International Plant Fiber Molding Industry Exhibition (IPFM) is an exclusive international event with plant fiber molding as the core curation, linking the whole industrial chain. It is a powerful combination promoted by the industry community We-Media PACKAG EBLUE and M.Success Media·ChinaPak Exhibition, the chief media and business platform of China's packaging industry. IPFM focuses on the intelligent manufacturing of plant fiber molding, the innovation of raw and auxiliary materials, and the innovative design and application of products, highlighting the unlimited potential of the green power of plant fiber molding. Under the global plastic ban and China's policy of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, this exhibition provide the industry with unlimited application and business opportunities to efficiently expand in the global market.

On March 8-10, 2023, the first IPFM was successfully held in Nanjing International Expo Center. More than 100 exhibitors, 19,206 visitors and 121 audience groups came to visit the scene. By virtue of its appeal and influence in the industry, IPFM has become an exclusive home of industry home for plant fiber molding.

On December 13-15, 2023, IPFM will be held again in Shanghai New International Expo Center!
六大聚焦主题: 电商包装自动化、柔性加工与生产、生鲜冷链包装、绿色环保与回收、外卖餐饮直采汇、物联网智能包装
Audience Comment
Ms.Chang Junna
Yongfa (Henan) Mold & Plastic Technology Development Co., Ltd.
IPFM’s exhibition in Nanjing was is a rare display platform and communication opportunity with 100+ exhibitors participated in the exhibition, involving machinery and equipment, logistics and pulp molded catering packaging, industry and commercial packaging, color printing and other industries. It is a great honor to follow the footsteps of the company to study at exhibition. Thanks to the M.Success media Huake exhibition who organized the exhibition and the exhibitors. Without your hard work, the wonderful presentation of this exhibition is impossible. As a visitor, I have benefited a lot, thank you and look forward to seeing you next time!
Mr.Liu Rongrong
Packaging Engineer of Ericsson
IPFM 2023 is a really great one with profound product chain and the display of cutting-edge results, especially the WOW Matching ( business matching) hosted by the organizer. While visiting, we had another in-depth discussion with excellent suppliers in the industry, which is literally an excellent harvest.
Mr. Wang Guoqing
R & D Department of Golden Arrow Printing Technology Co., Ltd.
The design of industry consulting service and business matching area in IPFM2023 really facilitates the connection between business-to-business. In addition to companies that have been in the industry for a long time, we can also see many innovative companies working hard to display their innovative products and technologies. It is believed that the future growth of the paper and plastic industry and the integration of the industrial chain will be more promising. Let's work together for the cause of environmental protection!
JMrs. Wu Liyang
food delivery operation department of Inner Mongolia Xibei Catering Group Co., Ltd
The business matchmaking of WOW MATCHING is very practical. It shortens the process of selecting companies and connects suppliers on the spot. The form of interview is novel and efficient and it can indeed help companies solve problem.


IPFM’ s first exhibition in Nanjing attracted brand end users from daily cosmetics, electronic appliances, furniture, cultural and creative gifts, catering and food and fresh food supermarkets, such as JD.com, Procter & Gamble, Mengniu, Yili, Laiyifen, Ericsson, DIOR, Starbucks, Xibei, etc. As their commitments to make their brand sustainable within 2025, they pay close attention to plant fiber molding packaging. With IPFM, they want to get professional and fast collaboration and the concentrative presentation of more solutions——


Range of exhibits

meal boxes, bowls, plates, cups, cup lids, cup holders, knives, forks, spoon, etc.

High-quality industrial packaging:packing box, wet press molded pulp packaging, paper bottle, paper-plastic container, etc.

Ordinary industrial package:backing, liner, septum, dry press molded pulp packaging, etc.

Others:egg boxes, egg trays, fruit trays, seedling trays, flower pots, trays, building materials and ornaments, shoe trays, medical appliances, handicrafts, etc.

Related auxiliary products:cartons, color boxes, gift boxes, labels, bags, accessories, designs, etc.


Target Buyers & Visitors

Manufacturer of plant fiber molding products

Catering packaging, industrial package, high-quality packaging, egg trays, fruit trays

plant fiber molding products

Horticulture, medical machinery, shoe trays, culture and education, building materials and ornaments

Highly concerned about packaging companies related to the plant fiber molding industry

Papermaking enterprises, cardboard carton factories, paper packaging enterprises, plastic packaging enterprises, manufacturers of other material packaging and containers, etc.

Brand end users

Catering takeaways,convenient prepared foods,fresh fruits & vegetables,agricultural products,daily cosmetics,luxury goods,electronic appliances,industrial products,e-commerce express logistics,home furnishings & furniture,gardening & pets,creative culture & toys

Profession service

Financial leasing,industry consulting,design marketing

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