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Target Buyers & Visitors

Manufacturer of plant fiber molding products

Catering packaging, industrial package, high-quality packaging, egg trays, fruit trays

plant fiber molding products

Horticulture, medical machinery, shoe trays, culture and education, building materials and ornaments

Highly concerned about packaging companies related to the plant fiber molding industry

Papermaking enterprises, cardboard carton factories, paper packaging enterprises, plastic packaging enterprises, manufacturers of other material packaging and containers, etc.

Brand end users

Catering takeaways,convenient prepared foods,fresh fruits & vegetables,agricultural products,daily cosmetics,luxury goods,electronic appliances,industrial products,e-commerce express logistics,home furnishings & furniture,gardening & pets,creative culture & toys

Profession service

Financial leasing,industry consulting,design marketing


Dedicated digital research team for precise targeting 200,000+ professional buyer users

Covering manufacturers of catering packaging, industrial package, commercial packaging, egg trays, fruit trays, leading plastic packaging and paper packaging, catering takeaways and brand owners of convenient prepared foods, electronic appliances, industrial products, daily cosmetics, furniture and gifts, etc.

Advertising budget of millions,Omni-channel centralized broadcast

Online: Baidu/WeChat/Chinese Tik Tok/ Today's Headlines /Weibo/RED/Industry Media/Overseas Internet Media and other platform, etc.
Offline: promotion of users’ exhibition, advertisement of industrial base

Maintenance of high-viscosity and high-frequency users with private traffic

60+ packing tribal community
50+ IPFM exhibition social groups, 100+ social groups of plastic, printing & packaging product processing
30+ terminal brand social groups, 40+ catering ingredients social groups

Marketing Front——Hot new products of plant fiber molding industry、continuous promotion of industry reports

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